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Brentwood Livery Covid19 Policy

As always, Brentwood Livery believes the safety of our clients is paramount. We have maintained a high level of cleanliness in our vehicles since the inception of Brentwood 30 years ago. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have increased our efforts to ensure that our vehicles are a clean and safe environment for both our chauffeurs and passengers. Below you will find information on the steps we have taken to minimize the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

  1. All employees have received extra training on the COVID-19 pandemic plan, including symptoms, how to prevent the spread, and how to remain safe within the workplace
  2. All employees are required to complete a COVID-19 screening prior to each work day.
  3. Chauffeurs are required to wear a mask at all times when in contact with clients: when clients are entering and exiting the vehicle AND when/if the divider is open. 
  4. Chauffeurs will greet passengers outside the vehicle and maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from passengers when they are entering and exiting the limousine. 
  5. All passengers will be required to complete an electronic COVID-19 screening prior to entering the vehicle www.brentwoodlivery.ca/covid
  6. No passengers will be allowed entry into the vehicle without wearing a mask.
  7. Signage will be posted within the limousines to remind passengers to wear masks and keep physically distanced if they are not with their immediate household.
  8. Hand sanitizer will be available in both the chauffeur and passenger compartment of every vehicle.
  9. All vehicles are equipped with a divider which will remain closed for the duration of the trip.
  10. Chauffeurs will ask passengers if they prefer to handle their own luggage or assist as usual.
  11. All magazines, books and snack baskets have been removed from all vehicles.
  12. Chauffeurs and detail staff will wear masks and gloves when entering the passenger compartment of the limousine, when touching glassware, soft drinks and when removing garbage.
  13. Following each reservation interiors of vehicles, including the driver’s compartment, will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the Ster-San PV RTU disinfectant spray. All touch points will be disinfected immediately following each trip. This includes all door handles, seats, seat belts and buckles.